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2292769  - Filter option not appearing in screen Risk Analysis Results

2290297  - AC 10.X ARA : GRC NWBC 750 issues in FPM

2250237  - Dump while creating mitigation controls or 'Valid to date can not be extended" error in mitigation controls

1580877  - Best practices in storage management for SoD analysis jobs

2300031  - Remediation View returns a 403 Forbidden

2256491  - GRC 10.1 Opening item in work inbox takes a very long time



2294768  - 10.X: Configuration parameters 1115, 3040, 4020, 5027, 5028 values not correct and blank configuration parameter entry

2290875  - CUA Composite Role Provisioning removes user roles

2206254  - Print text for "Risk Violations" and "Mitigation Controls.

2288028  - Admin Delegation does not show the Expired Delegations

2222247  - UAM: Getting dump in UAR genaration for huge data.

2193299  - UAR Request creation for Legacy Systems

1946390  - How to resolve Unified Rendering issues on GRC Systems

2179246  - UAM: Custom fields are not getting provisioned if multiple custom fields are mapped with system field.

2299530  - Unbind LDAP error while using End User Login

2295447  - UAM: User created message and password are not shown for new users created in CUA child system



  - Role Library Drilldown Brings up Maintenance View

2290298  - AC10.1 BRM:List of Actions report is not working correctly



  - GRC EAM 10.X : Role based firefighter giving error as invalid Firefighter ID and Authorization check for FF ID Assignment

2292130  - Some users could not be found for assignment on FF_ID

2297420  - Firefighter Log Summary Report not show actions logged after logoff



  - UAR job is not getting scheduled if user id entered in lower case

2299519  - Variiant selection (Connector ID, User Type, User Group) not working as expected

2299518  - UAR: Distribution List User ID cannot be configured as Reviewer

2173804  - UAM: Getting dump while generating UAR request due to huge data

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