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1962575  Text Elements mismatch for the class /GRCPI/CL_GRIA_USR

1970532  Audit log gives wrong information about role removal ,The validity of the role is not getting changed in the backend systems          


1986693  GRAC_ROLEREP_PROFILE_SYNC job is failing with error  "Reason Invalid date"

1970172  GRAC_PFCG_AUTHORIZATION_SYNC fills transaction log

2000064  No warning message in running all user risk analysis

1986273  GRC 10.0: Inconsistent Selection in Ad Hoc Risk Analyses

2001166  Critical Role/Profile report does not show results if parameter 1031 is set to 'Yes'

1940966  Parameter 1031 not working for legacy system critical Role/Profiles

1925331  New PFCG roles are created in ECC but they are not visible in GRC

2001770  Not show parameters for BRA

2001367  Function workflow does not work on change mode attribute

2001366  Risk approval workflow does not work on change mode attribute       

1995738  GRC 10.0 Differences in Risk Analysis Results



1911527  UAM: Dump in Conflicts and Mitigation report

1977171  User group not updated correctly in multiuser request & request submission message problem

1991828  UAM: Hyperlink displayed for roles apart from template role in type column during approval

1994828  Dump in access request approval application when the requested role is deleted from BRM

1994950  Risk Analysis working for only first default ruleset maintained in IMG

1959980  SLA id is getting removed on request approval



1927249  Performance issue while importing role in background

1687952  Unable to import roles with custom fields


1997510  Checkman note for GRC EAM SP15

1936033  Cannot logon with firefighter on Version 4.0 - Not possible to logon



1591667  GRC Configuration is not available in SPRO of SRM/CRM system



1956230  UAM: Enhancing SLG1 logs for UAR request provisioning

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