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2001770  Not show parameters for BRA

2001367  Function workflow does not work on change mode attribute

2001366  Risk approval workflow does not work on change mode attribute

1995738  GRC 10.0 Differences in Risk Analysis Results

1986807  AC 10.0 - Performance issue in the Management reports

2002797  No System Information in dashboard reports drilldown

2002286  Risk Analysis Dump and Permission report discrepancy for numeric values



1998636  UAM: Portal role not displayed in existing assignments

1994950  Risk Analysis working for only first default ruleset maintained in IMG

1971842  Request reason notification variable is not available in Access Request workflow

1959980  SLA id is getting removed on request approval

1888260  UAM: Issues with SOD Review request

2002997  For already existing role how to set the defaut action in Access Request

2002324  Default roles are not working

1975350  UAM: Template save does not save provisioning action.

2004079  User is not registered.  Please register the user first.

1929576  UAM: Provisioning log is not displayed for OM request

2005093  UAM: System provisioning settings overwrite Global provisioning for the deactivate password setting

2002051  UAM: Role removal message displayed though role not removed

1956230  UAM: Enhancing SLG1 logs for UAR request provisioning

1934783  UAM: Risk approval request displays no data.


1977806  AC 10.0: Wrong search results for template profiles

1940263  Mutly Value Custom Fileds Change logs Enablement in BRM

1989814  Generation step is not getting completed for composite role

1892018  Search for Template Roles and System not working

1984044  Delete roles showing multiple enteries for same role in view result.



1982752  Administrative Program to update the Login Status of Firefighter

2003241  EAM 10.0 Firefighter User name is not displayed

1966116  FireFighter user logged and launch pad not refreshed giving error to other user trying to login using FFID.

1769547  Firefighter login not possible, message 'Plan version Current plan was set'



2003164  Blank page is coming when MSMP Workflow is opened from SPRO



1923302  Performance improvement in Role Replacement

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