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2287016  The file system of spool is getting full too quickly

2287281  Action Usage by User report is incomplete in Detail View

2260324  Performance issue for Role level risk analysis for cross system and Transport/Generate rules issue

2250237  Dump while creating mitigation controls or 'Valid to date can not be extended" error in mitigation controls

2197705  Expired and Expiring Roles for Users not working Properly

2123844  GRC Product Support Monthly Newsletter

2304645  Risk Analysis: First user ignored when Multiple Selection is used to upload users



2297920  Risk Analysis vs. Simulation within Access Request 

2230956  UAM: Dump while creating a new template and adding role with default roles to it

2298898  Comments Mandatory Check for Access Approver Fiori App

2304882  GRACROLE table fields "CREATE ON" and "CREATE BY" deleted on updating role

2304776  UAM: In access request, notification variable LINK_APPROVE_REJECT open the request with wrong client.

2304763  Usergroup not filled into User System Details tab when request is submitted from Web Service

2301733  Password reset display was limited to 10 systems in the notification

2295430  In access request role search is for working when role enter in lower for SAP systems.

2285344  UAM: Approvers are able to forward UAR request after clicking save button without refreshing the screen.

2257771  Add Manager Column in UAR screen

2306129  Duplicate entries of same role and user name inserted in GRACUSERROLE table.

2255121  Show User ID in Action Usage Report by Role

2238993  Template based request getting busy if set to Other and Model user loose provisioning environment  



2206791  Role description is not synchronized between AC and PFCG

2264474  Unique Portal groups assigned through different business roles getting deleted 



2295040  EAM: No message in the audit log for reroute activity in Firefighter log review workflow request

2293531  EAM: Return to option missing in Firefighter Log Review workflow for Administrator  



2251721  Action usage column is missing in SOD 

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