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2002797  No System Information in dashboard reports drilldown

1924754  Change log report for User ID is not working

1600667  Transactions that conflict with themselves


2005093  UAM: System provisioning settings overwrite Global provisioning for the deactivate password setting

1996344  UAM: Incorrect Personnel number and cost center retrieved from LDAP and HR system if multiple system maintained in detail data source

1994828  Dump in access request approval application when the requested role is deleted from BRM

1991730  Not able to create transport for SoD Rules in AC 10.0 after upgrading to NW 731 or 740 or SP upgrade of 702

1973679  It is not possible to retain template role

1967503  Not able to create request with template roles via webservice

1904527  UAM: Firefighter controller agent is not available in MSMP

2004520  Search Help for Company field not working in Search request

1982896  UAM: Fuzzy Search is not working on User ID and copy request is not copying line items.

2006817  Request closed even with auto-provisioning failure seen in Audit logs

2004520  Search Help for Company field not working in Search request

2003093  Create User If Does Not exist in system

1943066  UAM: # keyword not acceptable in request reason field & account validation not working for assigning roles

1924383  UAM: Adding OM Object ID selection option in Organizational Assignment Request

1864399  UAM: Incorrect template downloaded for multi-user request

1982339  UAM: End user is able to submit request for business role with retain provisioning action



1984044  Delete roles showing multiple enteries for same role in view result.

2005771  UAM: Incorrect request date is display in role maintenance at request Approval stage.



1988760  Remote login is happing with FFID without using Fire Fighter application


1986985  Request is not going to escape path after auto provisioning failure



1973155  Providing table sorting option in SOD Review request and mitigations not saved on saving SOD request


1983785  Authorization check is not working on control ID while creation of control

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