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2262029  Master Note for SAP Access Control 10.1 - Support Pack 13



2299562  GRC 10.x: NWBC 750 component compatibility Issues 

2290297  AC 10.X ARA: GRC NWBC 750 issues in FPM 

2287661  Risk Analysis does not show Error Message correctly 

2308329  How to clean up the non-production connector data in Production environment? 

2307116  Mitigation for Multiple Systems Not Possible 

2304622  Violation Comparisons report does not consider the parameter 1049 

2306353  Cross system Risk Analysis report not correct when User Not authorized for one of the systems 

2265977  Risk Analysis Simulation issue 

2255592  AC10.1-Mitigation down/upload tcodes have no SU22 objects



2202357  UAM: Instance status is showing incorrect approvers when returned in case of forward with return and multiple approvers in stage 

2271318  Report to provide information for all users monitored by SAP GRC AC 10.x 

2231898  UAM: The error message is not self-explanatory during authorization failure in Risk analysis 



2308993  In Dashboard, Role Library sorting on Count Field in Roles by Business Process results is not working. 

2307068  Revert business role to previous state if changes are rejected during role approval phase



2272967  Action Column Value in UAR review screen is misleading 

2304346  UAM User Group column is not visible on Action Usage by User report 



2308327  Is GRC 10.1 also supported for Netweaver 7.5?

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