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1770487  No work processes available for N background jobs  

2306353  Cross system Risk Analysis report not correct when User Not Authorized for one of the systems  

2299562  GRC 10.x : NWBC 750 component compatibility Issues  

2294330  Issues with Business Process and Business Process Description column in Access Risk Analysis  

2268969  Mitigation Control for User load incorrect Date format in background  

2311005  Incorrect Color for risk analysis icon in access request  

2310059  Missing translation for "RISK ID" in the organization rule creation F4 screen.  

2309408  Last executed on timestamp displays incorrect value in user risk analysis 



2302947  "Request  Not Submitted" error is displayed while submitting the request via Simlified Access Request.  

2310093  Provisioning error: Invalid Input Parameter  

2258363  UAM: Portal user assignments are not updated correctly in GRACUSERROLE table for small case users  

2305325  UAM: Default role info disappears after adding the role to the request and removed again  

2310212  FAX number not getting provisioned to Portal and Greenlight systems  

2270740  UAM: Approval/ Rejection status set incorrectly and access request header is aligned incorrectly.  

2312009  Computers displayed in user search when LDAP connector is Microsoft Active Directory  

2311746  LDAP repository object sync performance issue or TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED dump  

2310624  Behaviour of Risk Analysis on Reference User 



2309273  Not used action flag was not consigered in Action Usage report 



2303272  Audit log in Firefighter Log Review not consider delegation  

2260658  AC 10.X EAM : Request Number/key is truncated in Firefighter log report review workflow  

2311924  NWBC prompts for login details while accessed by using FF ID  



2294763  Dump occurs in UAR History Report for Huge data

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