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2313469  Impacts of debugging in production


2302983  GRC Ruleset transport not transporting the deleted values  

2305987  GRC-AC 10.X - Issue in risk violations dashboard  

2314818  Access Rule Library wrong No of inactive risks  



2302930  The existing assignments page does not show future dated role assignments.  

2260797  End User Request shows the error 'You are not authorized to create the request'  

2255185  UAM:-Unable to provision AC custom field in SU01 mobile phone field  

2313056  GRC 10.1 - Simplified Access Request - Recommendations / Supportability guidelines / Best Practices  

2306473  Compliance Approver App request approval fail to run risk analysis after mitigation  

2270077  Provisioning entry is truncated in Audit Log  

2287363  Stage Config is missing in User Review Status Report and SOD risk review Workflow search is not returning any result  

2266719  UAM: Issues on SOD review request approval after mitigation  

2255185  UAM:-Unable to provision AC custom field in SU01 mobile phone field  

2238382  Request by Roles and Role Approvers giving wrong results  

2314536  RABAX Error occurs when we remove roles using up arrow in role search window  

2313225  For multiple user access request, user group is not getting provisioned if user group maintained in lower case in template.  

2312009  Computers displayed in access request user search from Active Directory  

2291020  UAM: Copy request is not copying the user system details information if the user is changed  

2288396  UAM:  Approver is getting error while trying to submit access request for already existing user.  

2286515  UAM: Duplicate entry is getting updated in GRACUSERROLE for Oracle, PeopleSoft and JDEdwards  



2306519  Lost of test id and test description 

2206791  Role description is not synchronized between AC and PFCG 



1900912  Controllers are not receiving e-mails  

2312926  F4 help not working for Firefighter Owner groups 

2301784  GRC SPM 10.1 : SPM Background job is not showing any message if the plugin connector is down  

2170329  EAM Log Sync Time based report does not recover session details or generate missing workflow request


2267646  Exception coming from portal servers 



2307977  UAM: Incorrect role search criteria in User Access Review History Report  

2262489  UAM:- UAR forwarded and removed line items are not getting captured in audit log  

2287710  UAM:- UAR audit log is showing duplicate entries for rejected line items.  

2294763  Dump occurs in UAR History Report for Huge data


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