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2165535  GRC 10.x- risk owner full name not showing in approval stage

2160159  Remediation View shows blank screen

2160060  Ad-hoc Risk Analysis Background Job Fails

2166509  Performance improvement to Repository Object Sync with Hana DB

2162982  Risk Analysis ALV Mitigation type column language issue.

2150899  Consolidated Note for Access Control Org Rules - 10.1, 10.0 and Plugin Issues

2146283  Business Process Not available in Risk Violation Report

2146227  Migration issue: Language Conversion failed for Mitigation issue

2160765  Handling of Invalid Mitigations

2168571  GRC 10.x - How to use GRC Action Usage Sync Report

2158809  Batch Risk Analysis Job Failed with DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR log

2067868  Unable to filter Access Rule summary report based on riskid


2163980  UAM: Adding business role to access request the timeout expires

2157864  Model User request is not validating mandatory user group

2149993  Template based request is not showing field correctly

2114369  provisioning actions are not correct for Copy request.

2162284  "IS EMPTY" operator added for attributes in Role Search screen

2162247  How to use "Set Default Period" button for Business Role in GRC 10.1

2157685  UAM: Business role provisioning not correct if role is imported

2156751  UAM: Dump while opening access request/provisioning report

2156583  UAM: Duplicate entry in search request results.

2156050  UAM: User validity is not getting updated in the backend

2154843  Duplicate entries in UAR history reports

2150100  UAM: Access request creation results in short dump if line items exceeds 9

2145791  UAM: Risk Analysis not executed for CUA Composite during request submission

2136639  UAM: Risk Analysis for CUA Composite role is not possible in access request and during approval

2138471  Request Reason in approver mail gets truncated.

2136835  Copy request user details are note changed on changing user

2135010  Issue with Scroll bar in Search Role Result screen.

2111894  UAM: EUP Values not transported completely

2083034  System description is missing for mapped roles

2069094  Fix related to User details, Default role, system description and unlock action type.

2061875  UAM: Role description for default roles not displayed and Provisioning environment is not changeable manually

2158836  Search Roles Without Assignment Approver or Role Content Approver



2136388  The Report 'List of action in roles' background result is not showing business roles based on action and system filter criteria.

2132864  Update Assignment in Business Roles not working for portal roles



2158382  AC 10.XX - No FF log workflows triggered when connector has wildcard '*'

2151950  Reject button is not visible to Controller/Approver



2166527  EAM Workflow review error: "User XXX is not a valid approver"

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