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2194560  AC10 1SP08 display function screen with a lot of empty space 

2317086  How to search only relevant SAP Notes for my system version? 

2264510  Analyzed Actions Comments Not Saving- Revert 



2313056  GRC 10.1 - Simplified Access Request - Recommendations / Supportability guidelines / Best Practices 

2312758  Access Request Dashboard report does not show request count properly 

2266895  Approval request # is currently being edited by user 

2257771  Add Manager Column in UAR screen 

1754687  UAM: Unable to assign UserGroups to user using webservice 

2315370  GRC - Fiori Approval app: HTTP Post Manipulation 

2311908  UAM: Wrong requester user id is displayed in audit log if parameter 1071 is set to ASYNCH 

2278959  Simplified request   HTML tags after submission 

2263260  UAM 10.1: Cancel button and Limit Your Search not translated in simplified request 

2262354  UAM: Default role is not added to request if default role is business role 

2230956  UAM: Dump while creating a new template and adding role with default roles to it 

2203867  UAM: Mitigating Control Assignment notification is not sent when mitigation control is assigned through access request after approval 

2315296  UAM: Blank Valid-to and Valid-from dates are provisioned through WS

2313779  Simplified Access Request is allowing users to put in duplicate requests 

2270740  UAM: Approval/ Rejection status set incorrectly and access request header is aligned incorrectly. 

2317628  GRC AC 10.1 does not receive an error message from SAP HANA 

2317117  GRC - Fiori Complinace Approval app : HTTP Post Manipulation 

2311746  LDAP repository sync performance issue or TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED dump 

2221902  Request Status queries are not working properly 

2221710  UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION opening Search Request or Role Search 

2133011  Provisioning Environment of Business Role in Existing Assignments 

2122147  Approval error: "Line item comments are mandatory for rejection for assignment" 



2294946  Role generation ends with 'INVALID TCODES' 

2315693  Columns do not Autofit  



2315510  Checkman note for GRC EAM SP17 

2286449  ABAP Dumps running GRC Action Usage Sync 

2181103  Filter does not work in Emergency Access User Management Reports 



1671739  System automatically creates BPDUMMY & SBPDUMMY

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