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2008178  Multiple GRC systems connecting to the same plug-in system, is this supported?

2169447  BRM: Maintenance level not correctly displayed in roles



2168571  GRC 10.x - How to use GRC Action Usage Sync Report

2168533  Batch Risk Analysis Error CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB in SLG1 after upgrade GRC 10.0 SP16 or GRC 10.1 SP06

2158809  Batch Risk Analysis Job Failed with DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR log

2160470  UAM: Risk Analysis Report Type Config Parameter 1023 Not Working

2168993  Incorrect results shown w.r.t. logical and physical connector

2150961  Consolidated Note for Access Control - Dashboard 10.1 & 10.0 Issues

2169567  Loading simulation criteria variant removes the multiple selections from the analysis criteria

2168589  GRAC_ALERT_GENERATE report does not alert some violations



2152291  Multiple User Request - Can approvers Approve or Reject individual users within the request?

2143493  FIORI: Role Search only displays 10 out of the available 7865 roles

2138471  Request Reason in approver mail gets truncated.

2136835  Copy request user details are note changed on changing user

2135010  Issue with Scroll bar in Search Role Result screen.

2111894  UAM: EUP Values not transported completely

1918395  Non-Productive Roles are available in Copy Request

2146762  Unable to Remove/retain FFID from the user in the Request

2137705  Issue with Scroll bar in Search Role Result screen.

2129081  UAM: Dump in role search for adding role level default roles

2169840  Screen width is getting resetted in Search Request Screen.

2169839  Issue with Scroll bar in Provisioning Log screen.

2160227  Access Request Creation: Import Multiple Roles

2157071  UAM: Request search is taking more time when request number is entered in the search criteria and performance issues

2140727  UAM: Firefighter IDs are selectable from existing assignment even super user access action type is not in request type.

2109358  GRC10.1 AC SP08: Access Request Validation and Retain Action to Business Role

2157784  UAM: EUP default values are applicable to the first user in Multi-User Request

2143592  Request with Conflict report background job getting cancelled

2132331  UAM: Issue in existing assignments for a delete user

2119403  UAM: Role approvers are getting removed in model user request

2104176  UAM: Password is not sent to the users according to the System level provisioning settings.

2099333  UAM: Access Request print in German is not correct



2168929  Configuring context based side panels in GRC 10.1



2164683  New parameter - 3029 introduced in GRC Access Control 10.1



2067088  Controller assignment populates all owners


2144101  UAR Printing Issues - Some user names are not displayed

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