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2310699  Table GRACUSERROLE not getting updated for Legacy Systems 

2293437  Issues in user search criteria 

2158836  Search Roles Without Assignment Approver or Role Content Approver 

1802038  The Function Action and Function Permission data is missing while downloading the rule files 

1802010  Action not available for a Logical Group while maintaining Functions 

2319198  Role Library report drill is blank in case CP criteria 

1886684  Dump in Detail Format of Critical Permission of Ad hoc Risk Analysis 

1758871  The Dump #CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND# in the R3 backend when running batch risk analysis. 

1744331  When Adhoc risk analysis is performed, there is huge increase in the database. 


2318721  UAM - Cross system analysis does not show the risk violations 

2312009  Computers displayed in access request user search from Active Directory 

1890406  Model User Access displays profile name for Item and Description instead of role name 

1880061  Cannot change rule set in Risk Violations tab for approver stage in access request 

2310212  FAX number not getting provisioned to Portal and Greenlight systems 

2278959  Simplified request  - HTML tags after submission 

2318008  GRAC notification variable not working 

2317996  Problem with Special Character EMAIL - domain with underscore 

2317204  AC10.1 SP12: Spacing Within Request 

2304383  Not first template selected if user defined sort is set in template based request 

2317934  SPDD issue GRAC_PROV_ITEM_NAME 

2317719  How to disable link in access control 

2317718  Filter functionality not working after deleting the entry 

2317654  How to add extra lines in notes editor 

2301756  ARA: Comments mandatory setting does not work Risk Approval workflow and no error on opening Risk Approval Workflow request when risk is already open in edit mode



2303436  10.0SP16 Role Change History - The column 'changed by' is empty

2318023  Request reason is blank for role request approval



2318612  Firefighter owner assignment not working for Owner Groups

2313449  Change Log - New Value is blank and Old Value appears as 'New record created'

2317655  Firefighter Mass Maintenance error with date format

2312898  Unable to save Firefighter owner user group

2317971  EAM Login Troubleshooting Guide

2221735  AC10.X : Timebased synch report dumps with " Time Out " error.



2317656  Role usage is not aggregated at composite role level 

2318021  UAR - Email not sent for reject line item

2314067  UAR: Cannot use 'starts with' or 'contains' operator for Role Name criteria while scheduling UAR request generation job 

2306550  Line items are changed from Approval Status to rejected user in UAR if reason code is maintained and other UAR issues like cancellation and rejection

2283072  Detour functionality and Cancel save rejection is not working in UAR 

2310253  Manage rejection report is not able to generate single request for users who have same manager / reviewers

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