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1603438  GRC AC 10.0 EP Plug-In (JAVA), supported NW versions


2169567  Loading simulation criteria variant removes the multiple selections from the analysis criteria

2168589  GRAC_ALERT_GENERATE report does not alert some violations

2165668  GRC 10.x Access Requests with conflicts doesn't filter for risk ID

2172222  Mitigation not work properly when 'Consider Org Rule'

2170543  Batch Risk Analysis Performance

2106944  Cursor jumps to start of the search field when stop typing

2173136  Usergroup value for Critical role report type is wrongly mention in business process.

2173034  Risk Violation dashboard for pie chart drill down shows No values for 'All' system

2160765  Handling of Invalid Mitigations

2157879  List Action in Roles But not in Rules & List Permission in Roles But not in Rules wrongly checking ACTVT value '03' instead of '16' for GRAC_ROLER

2148389  Dashboards Generate a Browser Plug-in Error


2171903  Central Delegation of GRC Process Control v/s Admin/Approver Delegation of GRC Access Control

2157784  UAM: EUP default values are applicable to the first user in Multi-User Request

2143592  Request with Conflict report background job getting cancelled

2132673  UAM: Past and Current dated termination in the HR system deletes the user record through HR Triggers

2132331  UAM: Issue in existing assignments for a delete user

2119403  UAM: Role approvers are getting removed in model user request

2104176  UAM: Password is not sent to the users according to the System level provisioning settings.

2132673  UAM: Past and Current dated termination in the HR system deletes the user record through HR Triggers

2156904  Access Request Creation Error

2171275  Screen Layout issue in Model User and Existing Assignment screen.

2172613  Building value is shown in User type using file import

2153716  AC10.1 ARQ - Role Search does not work without * value for ACTVT field of the auth object GRAC_ROLEP

2148380  The provisioning action is missing when CUA-composite role is selected from existing assignment



2165073  Methodology not applied with Role Update functionality

2170111 BRM: Background Job Scheduled without filling Mandatory fields on Mass Role Derivation

2167884  Mass Role Import errors when selected skip option.



2172547  AC 10.X - Firefighter users are able to access same FFID and login simultaneously

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