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2174524  Variants not working correctly for report Action usage by user, role, and profile.

2166543  CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW error while running role simulation with include users.

2151938  Role Repository sync taking too much time to complete



2173231  AC10.X : EAM owner assignment issue

2130406  UAM: LINK_WORKITEM variable link is giving an error for the approver

2168909  Firefighter logs are not processed when no controller is maintained



2172328  UAM: Incorrect approvers in audit log when request is submitted after forward with return to another user

2163615  Validity Dates in case of Retain and Remove Actions

2126311  UAM: Inconsistent provisioning if removal and assignment of business roles having common technical role in same request.

2175084  Variant for the report Requests by Roles and Role Approvers not working correctly

2171282  UAM: Invalid Valid to date for past date termination in the HR system

2132673  UAM: Past and Current dated termination in the HR system deletes the user record through HR Triggers

2099333  UAM: Access Request print in German is not correct

2163922  Access Request with violations going to Non SOD path.

2174267  Copy request removes the copied user details on next click

2074595  UAM: HANA role names and portal roles are translated to Uppercase and saved in uppercase in tables

2164456  UAM: Validity of dates is not checked in case of request types 'Delete Account', 'Lock Account' and 'Unlock User'.

2118860  Risk Analysis can be executed with an invalid ruleset

2175340  Behavior of risk indicator in Access Request Risk Analysis



2168795  Role Import Template Attributes with multiple line-items

2138999  GRC ARA: Risk Analysis considering unapproved business roles

2030839  GRC-SAC-BRM: Wrong timestamp in BRM Approval Screen



2176945  What system does the Role Reaffirm Approval authenticate against in Access Control 10?

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