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1715479  Management reports not showing the Analyzed Roles Count 

1715465  SOD RULE UPLOAD incorrect in GRACACTRULE 

2315764  UAM Action Usage by Role with User has discrepancies 

2304606  Cross-systems are not available on Violation Comparison Report 

2256491  GRC 10.X Opening item in work inbox takes a very long time 

2109459  GRC - Access Control - Access Risk Management Rule Update Q4, 2014 

2325839  Delete spool utility does not delete all files 

1769607  Ad hoc Risk analysis on locked users 



2309889  Profile level analysis for WS Type connector not working 



1983814  "User Defaults" not provisioning to CUA Child systems 

1648545  Cannot use multiple initiators with GRAC_AR_INITIATOR 

2171903  Delegation concept in GRC (AC & PC) 

2043363  Account Validation Checkbox - grayed out 

1978357  "No records found for the search criteria entered" for LDAP user search 

2325452  LDAP sync does not update manager id if both HR and LDAP data sources are maintained in the detail data sources 



1782431  Role does not update in backend Plugin system 

2133750  Templates are not visible in GRC after role import 10.1 SP12 



2195639  Usage Synch Jobs Are Not Updating GRC Tables 

1981412  "No records found for the search criteria entered" searching for FFID 

1800347  Short Dump on FF Login 



1974592  Workflow notifications not being sent out

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