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2013027  GRC Plugin installation fails with HRALE00INBOUND_IDOC


2185936  Rule regeneration changes the Rule id

2185906  Connection Type for Cross System Group created for ECC & ORA

2322506  Long description field is missing in role import file

2234589  Role level Risk Analysis background job cancelled

2234587  French user can not display roles

2193682  Action usage shows incorrect risks for action usage

2312481  Incorrect Provisioning of Business Roles

2268795  GRAC_DELETE_ACCESS_RULES explained

2096196  Consolidated Note for All Notes of SAP Access Control 10.1



2156904  Syntax Error in Program /1BCWDY/ During Access Request Creation

2315296  UAM: Blank Valid-to and Valid-from dates are provisioned through WS

2169558  Return To button in access request approver screen

2101648  HR Trigger: No user assigned to employee ID

2232279  UAM: Access Request role search by role name is not returning result

2231619  Invalid Date format error when provisioning mutliple users

2321105  SOD configuration parameter 2023 is not changing when all requests are aborted

2298152  SOD: Provisioning Actions are not saved correctly for same function of different risk, request generation issues in SOD Review request, Mitigation Control Id

2261075  Access Request Manager Field search possible only in GRC system

2185914  Cannot open Background Scheduler in GRC

2325662  User name is not visible in the Print form of multi user access request

2004079  User is not registered.  Please register the user first.

1993357  Translate a changed field description in Web Dynpro Application

1969917  RAISE_EXCEPTION Dump in plug-in When Auto Provisioning to Position OM Object

1969811  Model user error:  No data maintained for standard communication type RML

1960716  Error on Access Request submission Syntax Error in CL_FDT_FUNCTION_PROCESS

2326155  Approval status Column is shown in Template Management

2312466  Simplified Request Screen is not getting opened

1801464  'The ASSERT condition was violated' error in end-user logon page

1801446  Warning while MSMP - Generate Version

1801420  Request submission in GRC when backend system is down

2327499  Description and UserId field is not showing any value in Access request

2318606  Mitigate Risk popup in SOD review request is auto filling the control ID 


2189941  Role Generation Step is Not Getting Completed 


1995382  Attribute value for LDAP user path is too long to fit in Maintain Connector Settings 


2142860  Troubleshooting  Guide for EAM Log Sync Update Program

2105525  How to search related corrections for the SPM Log retrieving function modules

2103109  Login to FFID throws the error 'Change at runtime -> Assignment does not exist'

2285515  AC 10.X EAM : Invalid user serach is not working properly.

2029368  EAM Synchronization Jobs Not Completing Resulted in Data Loss



2029389  Plug-in for AC 10.1 on  ECC 5.0 - SAP BASIS 640

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