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2179346  Checkman issue for AC10.1  SP10

2181213  Transported SOD rules to Target system are not identical with Source system

2181714  Action / Tcode not available in plugin system however showing in Risk Analysis violations list

2153950  Performance Issue with program GRAC_UPLOAD_MIT_ASSIGNMENTS

2107837  UAM: Notification variables were missing in role approval workflow.



2180506  AC10.1 System Dump on req submit simplified open an access request.

2178748  Translating an existing template via SE63 results in error #Object Not Found#.

2178555  How to hide custom fields via Simplified access request.

2178477  The option "Open is advance mode" is not visible in Simplified Access Request.

2176247  UAM: Request forwarding to expired user is possible

2163702  The message  "I:GRC_SPM_MESSAGES:148 SME 134" is displayed while approving the FF request.

2163701  Changing the MSMP configuration affects the running workflow? - checkbox "RT Config Change OK"

2136750  UAM: Audit log shows incorrect results when approval and removal of Business roles with common technical roles happen in the same request

2173770  Screen resizing issue in Existing Assignment.

2143075  GRC Role Search is not returning the correct result for Role Sensitivity field.

2124847  UAM: Duplicate entry is getting updated in GRACUSERROLE via business role for Portal and greenlight systems

2181018  UAM: Inconsistent result in report Request by role and role approvers.

2175273  Search and select screen fields are out of alignment in Select Role and Search Request.

2182535  HR Trigger BRF+ Rule is getting too complex?

2118860  Risk Analysis can be executed with an invalid ruleset

2108402  UAM: User is not getting created in portal system and roles are not getting assigned

2046779  UAM: Incorrect user name retrieved from HR system.



2180794  /VIRSA/ZVFATBAK job cancels, dumps with error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAIL


2179143  UAR: User Search not realtime for LDAP connector and User ID validation not correct for LDAP users while scheduling UAR job

2172224  User Access Review to display the snapshot of Business Role and the UI screen to  display Role Display screen

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