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2195080  System (connector) Drop Down is Empty in Reports


2213465  AC 10.X ARA: Risk Analysis for Business Role Removal

2329004  ARA Risk analysis # Issue with permission rule field value containing '*'

2262700  Connector names maintained in the Repository sync Variant are missing in AC 10.1 SP 09 or higher

2326277  10.X: Mitigation control workflow not reading PC agents

2201946  UAM: Mitigation control workflow error when user groups are maintained as approver


1733405  Stage Level Approver cannot add the Roles

2323944  10.X: Change History does not Include username for SOD Function and incorrect change type after role Import

2310729  UAM: Business role does not move to escape path for auto-provisioning failure when one of the child role's provisioning was unsuccessful
                and no failure message for Business role is shown in audit log

2301825  BRM: Case sensitive users are not shown in the User to Role Relationship Report & no results shown for role name criteria for case sensitive connectors

2239131  UAM: Deleting user creates provisioning error if user does not exists in backend

2329481  In Business role snap, single roles assigned to user as part of business roles are not coming correctly.

2330034  Request Status Screen shows incorrect count of requests

2328658  UAM: Valid-from dates in the past are not provisioned through WS

2317628  GRC AC 10.1 does not receive an error message from SAP HANA

2306853  UAM : Mapped roles are not being populated automatically while creating the HR OM Access Request

2307935  UAM:- Decimal notation value in user details is not getting populated correctly

2262718  Explanation of the behavior of the 'Comments Mandatory' Parameter in the MSMP Stage Configuration for AC 10

2331263  Role Description not visible for Organization assignment request

2329676  AC10.1: Simplified Request: role removal-Select All not working


2329992  UAR Last Execution date is not correct in Action usage by Role report

2327440  GRC 10.0: Business Role Assignment Update Performance Issue

1702937  Role Descriptions are similar to the Profile Descriptions


2293531  EAM: Return to option missing in Firefighter Log Review workflow for Administrator

2324167  Error message Invalid Firefighter Id does not provide details of Firefighter Id


2253334  No success message comes after forwarding Mitigation Control maintenance request to another user








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