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2183633  Background Batch Risk Analysis raising SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC dump.

2178490  Action usage sync job not fetching the entire data.

2178405  PFCG AUTHORIZATION SYNC performance improvement

2154036  AC 10.X - Legacy system authorization sync not showing the Spanish action descriptions.

2173639  No Authorization error message is not being displayed while running user level risk analysis

2133498  New Functionalities added in GRC 10.1 and their code corrections: Consolidated Note

2185906  Connection Type for Cross System Group created for ECC & ORA



2183232  User Creation in Combined Provisioning

2183080  EUP Setting for User group for Delete Account request type

2182652  Maximum Number of Approvers per Stage

2178660  Error while saving the mitigating controls

2176314  UAM Warning message when closing access request after action hold or release

2159883  Performance Improvement in User Role Retain Provisioning.

2182535  HR Trigger BRF+ Rule is getting too complex?

2161850  FFID search is not working based upon Action i.e. T-code search criteria

2185914  Cannot open Background Scheduler in GRC

2174265  How to configure manager retrieve from LDAP

2172233  Existing Assignment not displaying roles

2172206  Unable to search Requests on Search Request Screen

2172176  GRC10 HR trigger for User termination

2172174  Search Criteria is not working for custom fields



2176485  Profiles of the derived roles are not generated in the backend system

2184246  Is it possible to change the role type of an existing role in Business Role Management?

1910717  Role export performance issue

2157603  Consolidated Note for all BUSINESS ROLE related issues in GRC 10.1



2182906  AC10.X EAM: Program to clear the LOGGED flag in the GRC tables

2176433  Firefighter comments are not visible in different language

2180794  /VIRSA/ZVFATBAK job cancels, dumps with error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAIL

2170329  EAM Log Sync Timebased report does not recover session details or generate missing workflow requests

2102916  Reason codes are not correctly shown in the Plug-in system



2166072  Maximum Value that can be set for Parameter 2008

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