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2336599  AC - Business Role Risk Analysis is not working 

2300031  Remediation View returns a 403 Forbidden 

2315764  UAM Action Usage by Role with User has discrepancies 

2301753  Job (GRAC_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_SYNC) does not populate correctly the field USER_HR_EMAIL in the table 

2273193  Expired users are not getting updated in GRACUSERCONN


2266200  Role / Group validity dates for Greenlight Connector


2284737  GRC AC 10.1 Exception in access request for HANA connector but no error message received 

2334788  Information popup keeps showing the message #Mandatory fields should be editable and visible.# when saving EUP setting [VIDEO] 

2311889  Inconsistent addition of Default roles into Requests 

2307935  UAM:- Decimal notation value in user details is not getting populated correctly 

2290875  CUA Composite Role Provisioning removes user roles 

2237707  ARQ: Incorrect provisioning of business roles occur in case portal groups are part of other business roles as well. 

2340480  Error/Warning message 'Mandatory fields should be editable and visible' is shown multiple times on saving EUP in IMG 

1901475  Manager Not Found for LDAP data source 



2331413  BRM Risk Analysis Detail View shows wrong result for Business Roles 



2322344  AC 10.X EAM: FFID and Firefighter information missing in email notification to controller 

2301392  GRC EAM 10.X : Log report is not getting all the program names in a session 

1944417  In decentralized firefighting firefighter is not able to perform firefighter logon 

1763617  How to hide the Update Firefighter log button in Consolidated log report 

1740576  Reports used in EAM for log collection and workflow/email notification 



2256755  SOD Access Review does not generate risks for ARIBA connector 

2247028  UAR Dump related to DBSQL_FAE_STATEMENT_TO_BIG 



2271874  UAM: Approver not found when UAR/SOD request is submitted for reroute 



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