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2188760  Issue with report format in the web service GRAC RISK ANALYSIS WOUT NO WS

2191816  GRC 10.0 and 10.1 : Incorrect role type shown for Derived Roles in "Count Authorization in Roles" report

2189399  Mitigation Control Report - missing aprover

2186601  Background Risk Analysis Job Description with Object Range

2153950  Performance Issue with program GRAC_UPLOAD_MIT_ASSIGNMENTS

2191742  Wrong request type for Mitigation control assignment

2189768  Risk Analysis report format issues

2173639  No Authorization error message is not being displayed while running user level risk analysis

2172222  Mitigation not work properly when 'Consider Org Rule'

2167838  Show Roles in read only mode for non Role Owners

2160765  Handling of Invalid Mitigations

2189768  Risk Analysis report format issues


2175087  UAM: User group is not coming in access request print even if it is there in the request

2189468  UAM: In access request risk and mitigation control indicators are disaapearing.

2164266  UAM: Variables 'LINK_APPROVE_REJECT', 'LINK_GET_REQ_STATUS' and 'LINK_GET_APPROVERS' do not work for SOD Risk Review Workflow

1975343  Forward with return raises an MSMP error in UAR request

2188997  Performance improvement in retrieving functional areas

2184264  Fix Checkman Error for SP10

2182062  UAM:  User in the request can be assigned as the monitor of the mitigated risk

2192226  UAM: Dump on opening search help for number of days before Duedate in role reaffirm

2151634  Model my Access - The valid_from date is wrongly displayed

2177393  Reset is not working fine in simplified Access request

2157784  UAM: EUP default values are applicable to the first user in  Multi-User Request



2189941  Role Generation Step is Not Getting Completed

2191644  Request reason is truncated and not displaying for Role Approval Screen.



2189859  Error Message When Clicking on Additional Information

2193187  COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND When Opening Action Usage by User, Role and Profile

2147383  Fix for Data inconsistency in EAM  (Firefighter).

2167253  EAM workflow showing wrong warning message and No submit button in request for the administrator or delegated approver

2152875  Firefighter User cannot find the Return button in the workflow



2173804  UAM: Getting dump while generating UAR request due to huge data



2185949  User Cannot Delete Organization Units   



2189895  Work Inbox is opening different work item instead of the one selected

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