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2314249  Risk Analysis Report timeout in Business View / GRACFLDVAL growing  

2311005  Incorrect Color for risk analysis icon in access request  

2340957  No Violation inconsistency in GRAC_RISK_ANALYSIS_WOUT_NO_WS 


2340403  Mitigation data is not getting updated on role rejection before Request Approval  

2332862  Fiori Approver App - Line Item Role showing incorrect status  

2319200  New BAdI for Telephone and Fax number provisioning  

2314913  Access Approver Fiori App: Risks not being displayed for certain role types  

2154611  Multi-License type provisioning  

2154601  MSMP runtime instance is locked by user WF-BATCH  

2154592  Request is stuck and approver agent is not evaluated  

2310919  Future date position change is not working in HR Trigger.  

2309759  UAM 10.0: Firefighter ID Provisioned Without Description  

2184361  UAM: Incorrect activity considered for GRAC_SYS authorization object in search request application and dump on clicking search request link  

2343572  Restarting workflow via SWPR or SWPC transactions  



2315693  In Role Search Page, Columns in ALV do not Auto-fit based on the Role name/System name length  



2285515  AC 10.X EAM: Invalid user search is not working properly.  


2272967  Action Column Value in UAR review screen is misleading



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