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2192686  Comp Role column for WS Risk Analysis report shows incorrect

2178405  PFCG AUTHORIZATION SYNC performance improvement

2160765  Handling of Invalid Mitigations

2042020  Deletion of FF entries for deleted FFIDs from Plugin SU01

2196900  SoD Rules Generation issues

2143114  Master Note for SAP Access Control 10.1 - Support Pack 10



2194276  My profile throw Short dump with Error Text 265 Not Found

2186264  UAM: Roles Provisioned even though the approver was deleted from the system

2170568  Provisioning log not available for existing user

2167779  UAM: Not all items are routed to escape path and no provisioning of items in escape path once system is available again

2124847  UAM: Duplicate entry is getting updated in GRACUSERROLE via business role for Portal and green light systems

2197049  Simplified Work inbox view doesn’t refresh

2196959  Error Invalid Password layout

2178489  Request Reason checkbox removes seleted roles for removal

2174572  Valid To date is changed to Default date on copy request



2181199  Search help not working on From and To values while selecting the Leading Org Level in Derive role screen



2167253  EAM workflow showing wrong warning message and No submit button in request for the administrator or delegated approver

1967403  EAM: Key note for Firefighter Log and Review Workflow issues

2194569  AC 10.X EAM : Inconsistencies in the Logs and missing workflows

2194749  AC10.1 EAM : GUI Status GRAC_EAM_STATUS01 missing for the report GRAC_EAM_MAINTAIN_FFOBJ_DESCR

2177088  AC 10.X - Firefighter criticality lost after the Access Request approved for the FFID access



2177453  UAM: UAR request are not getting if scheduling criteria contain "*".

2195936  Incorrect error is shown when a user tries to open an SOD review request which is already opened by another user



2169903  UAM: Incorrect role owner retrieved while request approval

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