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2143114  Master Note for SAP Access Control 10.1 - Support Pack 10

2192146  ARA: Error "Enter a valid system for Risk" comes while mitigating risk from Access Request and Risk analysis screens

2172601  User Group description missing in access request

2154587  AC10.X: Mitigating control assignment change history not updated


2197049  Simplified Work inbox view doesn’t refresh

2178489  Request Reason checkbox removes seleted roles for removal

2196959  Error Invalid Password layout

2190262  UAM: Existing Assignments shows disabled System and Firefighter assignment

2179184  Workflow returns operation result as error when a group is already assigned to a user in LDAP

2153985  Fail to the create user in SAP Portal

2141476  Model user request support for CUA-Composite role

2130986  Warning message in CALL_MSMP_ASYNCH

2129027  Change log report not giving accurate results

2063385  Exception not handled for ' IF_GRFN_API_NOTES_HISTORY~DELETE'


2178514  UAR: Rejection reason column is visible even when Rejection is not allowed and dump on clicking approve, remove or reject button in UAR request

2178923  UAM: User details not displayed in UAR Request

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