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2229853  GRC and S/4HANA oP: compatibility information 



2345244  Multiple Selections option not selectable in risk analysis 

2348749  Syntax error in program /GRCPI/SAPLGRIA_USR 



2317628  GRC AC 10.1 does not receive an error message from SAP HANA 

2329234  GRC UAM - Performance issues during Role Search in Access Request Creation 

1874401  Not a valid BRF plus ID 

1770031  Repository Object Sync fails with Enterprise Portal (EP) 

2347126  In Search request result for access request, timestamp column value is mismatch with time stamp mentioned in Audit logs. 

2307935  UAM:- Decimal notation value in user details is not getting populated correctly 

2347777  Line item is not selectable in Model user when filter By criteria is used 

2331683  Validity date of modeled user is not present date and Email id modification 

2307792  BADI for Repository Object Synchronization 

2328877  UAM: Provisioning environment is not getting filled correctly for fire fighter ids and PD profile not getting removed through Existing Assignments 

2328089  WF: Method to get forward with return status of an instance or line items of an instance 

2349029  Search request does not work on Coordinator ID for UAR requests 

2343957  Request Number is not coming correctly in Remediation View 

2341879  Fiori  Access Approver App: WebDynpro Behavior is Different from Fiori App 

2328787  Combined Provisioning is not working correctly if the User is not available in R3 System 

2295509  UAM: Search Request on Coordinator Id shows incorrect results for UAR 

2256578  The screen is getting resized on moving the scroll bar in FF Log review request detail screen. 



2298918  AC 10.X BRM : GRC BRM Authorization Check for Hold Option in Role Approval 

2328839  WF: Return To option is not available in Role Approval workflow request for Administrator

2327731  Save draft does not save actions performed on line items by approver in Role Reaffirm



2293531  EAM: 'Return to' option missing in Firefighter Log Review workflow for Administrator 

2347209  GRC AC : EAM Launch Pad - Wrong User Id shown for field used by



2307977  UAM: Incorrect role search criteria in User Access Review History Report 

2289690  UAM: UAR job completion is taking too much time, UAR request generation issues for file type connectors and coordinator id not saved for UAR request in GRACREQOWNER table 



2217608  Error Creating Mitigation Control

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