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2298322  Master Note for SAP Access Control 10.1 - Support Pack 14



1799659  Rules are not generated due to short dumps 

2260324  GRC AC ARA - Performance issue for Role level risk analysis for cross system and Transport/Generate rules issue 

2350647  UAM : Role usage sync is not updating table GRACROLEUSAGE correctly for Web services. 



2350714  UAM: Password deactivation not possible for LDAP & password passed is hardcoded 

2346495  Mass mitigation - Cannot set mitigated risk to status inactive. 

2346059  UAM:- CUA Composite role is not provisioning to user if role is searched with role type as CUA Composite Role 

2343545  Add support for User validity date, e-mail and SAML Provider to the HANA User Provisioning 

2235824  UAM : Role not assigned error message does not show the system 

2346641  Unsorted system lists in Risk analysis and Search request 

2342587  Forward Request option and Comment mandatory flag is not available in Mitigation Assignment workflow & Unable to change task settings for Function approval workflow 

2313714  Multi-Path Request - Risk Mitigation Issue 

2270988  UAM: Search request does not return correct result if approver id is supplied 



2345835  Report format change reduce the displayed columns in Access Control ERM reports 



2347209  GRC AC : EAM Launch Pad - Wrong User Id shown for field used by 

2322498  GRC AC 10.X: Plugin users are considering in centralized SPM application 

2344479  AC10.1 EAM : Updated by link not working in Access Control Owners 

2314188  GRACEAM Archive write/delete job issues 



2215611  GRACUSERCONN and GRACUSEROLE is not getting updated properly during sync of non-sap system 



2349567  UAR: UAR request is giving the error " Enter the notes for rejection " while approving if there are rejected items in the request 



2339958  Action Filter criteria does not work in SOD Review History Report 

2305374  ARA: Comments entered by approver for Approval/Rejection of Function Approval Workflow request are not stored 

2320349  GRC AC : Access Request Approver not found for some of the requests

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