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2195080  System (connector) Drop Down is Empty in Reports


2196015  No Active Plan Version Exists Error

2175451  Error in Module RSQL of the Database Interface

2200658  UAM: Forward button is enabled although Risk approval request is approved or rejected

1770487  No work processes available for N background jobs

2026492  User Locked with incorrect logon are also considered as locked users in Risk Analysis

2183633  Background Batch Risk Analysis raising SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC dump.



2196300  UAM : Existing assignments does not contain Business role assignments

2180760  Issue with Filter in Existing Assignment and Model User screen.

2203819  BRFPlus Transport button visibility

2159002  UAM: Invalid audit log when roles with approvers are rejected in a request

2146730  UAM: No error message from PSS, when the notification mail was not sent

2173770  Screen resizing issue in Existing Assignment.

2188876  Error Message is not shown if in different tab at approval

2178123  In model user request enviroment value is getting blank.

2169633  Email Id is blank and still it is giving an invalid error

2206093  Password was not sent for all Users of Multi User Request

2206078  User field doesn't show on the request



2203933  AC10.1: EAM Dump when RFC system is down

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