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1352498  Support Pack Numbering - GRC Access Control 



2352682  Discrepancies in Risk Violation Drill Down Report  

2352221  Batch Risk Analysis Job Failed with DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR  

2352206  Mitigate control description is blank in  Multiple risks violations  with multiple ORG Rule IDs  

2345962  GRACROLEUSAGE Table showing usage before role creation date  



2327034  Action Usage sync for non SAP connectors in GRC except portal 



2340013  UAM: Search request is taking long time for execution when passing only the request number  

2332862  Fiori Approver App - Line Item Role showing incorrect status  

2353845  Add support for user validity, user e-mail and SAML configuration in time of User provisioning to the SAP HANA  

2353440  UAM 10.X: Usergroup mandatory message not displayed while request creation  

2351846  Training verification BADI not working as expected  

2322182  SOD: User details are not retrieved from Detail Data Source in SOD Review Request  

2113361  500 Internal Server Error while trying to cancel requests for AC 10  

2113353  User type does not show default value configured in EUP for template based requests for AC 10  

2331656  Fiori- Compliance Approver APP - Risk analysis mandatory is not working 



2352153  AC10.X EAM : Reports generated in background displays no results. 



2310172  UAR/SoD Escalation is not working properly for non-sap systems.  

2289690  UAM: UAR job completion is taking too much time, UAR request generation issues for file type connectors and coordinator id not saved for UAR request in GRACREQOWNER table 


2113323  Table GRACREQUSRPASS is showing unencrypted Initial passwords  for AC10



2113295  Notification Settings are blank in the MSMP Workflow Configuration Screen for AC 10

2342852  Issue with Sod Request Audit Log and approved SOD request opens incorrectly

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