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2355443  ARA Role Violations Dashboard displays incorrect column name  

2321034  GRC-AC : Approve sequence issue  when there are multiple SoD owners from multiple systems  

2354821  Batch Risk Analysis Start Time is missing  

2337375  Past date is schedulable for background job in Function Mass Maintenance  

2352424  GRC-AC : Status is not working in Mitigated Object report 



2168541  UAR: In UAR request the usage column is showing blank instead of null value(0)  

2352711  Incorrect format of validity date in audit logs for mapped roles  

2355908  Existing Business Role assignments is not visible in Simplified Access Request  

2355558  PD Profile not being removed from GRACUSRPDPROFILE Table  

2352684  In risk analysis summary report does not show any violation.  

2348526  Company field is not filled up when the page loads in Simplified Access Request for the first time  

2356861  Duplicate entry for role in SU01  

2343699  UAM 10.X: Provisioning log not available displayed for template role after provisioning & Retain, Remove not possible for template role  

2338379  Portal roles getting provisioned for some of the users in Multi User Request  



2356806  Removal of Print button from the SoD Mitigation Screens 


2347209  GRC AC : EAM Launch Pad - Wrong User Id shown for field used by  

2352479  EAM Last executed date discrepancy on SOD Conflict Report for Firefighter IDs

2351281  GRACEAM archiving object does not select the database records properly

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