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2187478  Issues while Importing the HANA GRC plugin HCOGRCPI in HANA Database


2148389  Dashboards Generate a Browser Plug-in Error



2206515  RT-Performance risk analysis for creation of a Role

2188925  UAM: SOD rules generation fails and results in short dump

2144782  Mitigation Control Report doesn't show all Risks

2133757  EAM Download and Upload master data

2204482  Access request dashboard records limited to 999

2184086  Switching to Risk Violation tab in Access Request takes a lot of time

2160765  Handling of Invalid Mitigations

2205515  Clean up invalid mitigation assignments

2203773  ARA Role analysis analysing not selected roles

2200839  Date Exception  Error showing on GRAC_UPLOAD_MIT_ASSIGNMENTS in SP21

2123844  GRC Product Support Monthly Newsletter

2113794  GENERATED RULES in systems are NOT replacing Old values



2205942  How to avoid the mail sent to the Delegator after assigning a delegate?

2197160  UAM: In access request, incorrect valid to/from dates for multiple systems.

2189468  UAM: In access request risk and mitigation control indicators are disappearing

2183283  UAM: Assignment Approver value disappears after simulation is applied in Access Request and cua composite role assignments are deleted in model user

2152140  UAM: Approval status becomes editable on tab change in the Approval screen

2098765  UAM: Users are not getting provisioned in portal system through GRC

2208232  Tables are getting reszied on moving the scrollbars in Function main Screen

2164030  Access Request Creation - Import Multiple Roles Using CSV File

2174267  Copy request removes the copied user details on next click

2152291  Multiple User Request - Can approvers Approve or Reject individual users within the request?

2072149  Concept of Business Roles - Details & Inconsistency Check

1665583  Applicability of EUP configurations on HR trigger requests

2154783  UAM Attachments can not be opened in the request or approve

2209215  UAM: In Search request, duplicate entries are getting deleted for fire fighter log report request.


2207195  Role Recertification for roles with groups as role owner is not getting notification email.


2182622  Locked Status in Invalid Superuser Report

2180794  /VIRSA/ZVFATBAK job cancels, dumps with error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAIL

2210653  Centralized and Non-centralized login options

2203933  AC10.1: EAM Dump when RFC system is down

2196678  User is able to use Firefighter ID without a FF Controller

2194586  EAM : 'Update Logreport' giving dump due to invalid connectors

2190723  AC 10.X EAM : Logs are retreived even though the configuration parameters are set to 'No'



2211149  User Full Sync issue due to large ADCP and USH04 data



2209761  Due Date format does not match when you create a request and  when you open it for print.

2210253  Action Usage Data is blank in UAR Request

2158414  Comments/sorting/Department Field Enhancement in UAR


2205512  Attempt to Submit Change Request in IE11 and receive blank SAP Popup Window



2205660  Escalation considers weekends in escalation period

2205645  Behavior of 'Submission' or 'End of Request' mail incase User and Requestor are Same

2202607  Dump TABLE_INVALID_INDEX when running User Sync

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