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2301203  GRAC_DELETE_ACCESS_RULES - Needs clarification on processing

2299562  GRC 10.1 : NWBC 750 component compatibility Issues

2245389  IDM Service GRAC RISK ANALYSIS WOUT NO was not showing role name for report format 3.

2347710  AC 10.X ARA : Error Message is displayed as green in SLG1 logs

2359342  Duplicate entries for a Profile in risk analysis search help

2359154  Function and Risk Reports not pulling the correct data

2359149  Considerations for Mass Mitigation Download/Upload



2359247  'Provisioning without Password' Variable is missing info in Multi User Request

2359120  User search mechanism  in Access Request explained

2359087  End User page - Request Status POWL is empty

2354823  Fiori - Delegated Approvers cannot access requests

2358242  UAM : Enhancement implementation is not called in GRAC_RISK_ANALYSIS component

2342873  UAM : Attachment preview is not showing correct view

2338603  Request submitted for approval takes long time to open



2350179  AC 10.1 EAM : Session ID field missing in EAM reports

2331111  AC 10.1 ARA : GRC NWBC 750 issues in FPM

2347209  GRC AC : EAM Launch Pad - Wrong User Id shown for field used by



2358192  UAM : Sync not working correctly for PD Profile



2353749  Forwarded Approver cannot be a part of request

2305022  AC 10.1 UAR : UAR Scheduler gives error if user ID is *

2356819  UAR not retrieving manager correctly from the Detail Data Source

2358617  User to role relationship report inconsistency in displaying User Name

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