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2297387  All Rule IDs of a risk not getting mitigated on approving access request

2361751  List Expiring and Expired Roles report: Valid To not working properly

2302028  Parameter 1049 was not considered properly by the Role Analysis and User Analysis report.

2358106  Risk Analysis Mitigation improvement



2346605  UAM: Access request submission gives an error " User group <XYZ> is not valid for system <ABC>" if there is a portal group in the request

2346495  Mass mitigation - Cannot set mitigated risk to status inactive.

2327404  Password Self Service Header User Full Name is incorrect

2359087  End User page - Request Status POWL is empty

2350714  UAM 10.1: Password deactivation not possible for LDAP & password passed is hardcoded



2347209  GRC AC : EAM Launch Pad - Wrong User Id shown for field used by

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