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2362908  GRC Lookup Service:1:Exception in GRC WS - GRC initial load fails


2168533  Batch Risk Analysis Error CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB in SLG1 

2096196  Consolidated Note for All Notes of SAP Access Control 10.1 

1770058  User analysis dashboard graphic is missing some items in AC10 

2365000  Dump "TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_No_Roll_Memory" when running Authorization Sync job 

2363714  Role Analysis report does not show the proper violation in Profile level 

2319386  GRAC_UPLOAD_MIT_ASSIGNMENTS program is giving error when 'validto' field is less than current date. 



1805022  Some User defined fields on the HR System do not get populated onto the Access Request in AC 10 

1701121  SOD Review requests are not displaying in the Reviewer's Inbox in AC 10 

2364607  UAM : One request per system is not working for multi user request. 

2331656  Fiori- Compliance Approver APP - Risk analysis mandatory is not working 

2364182  Naming convention/mask for User ID in the Access request 

2361843  Default format for risk analysis in access request



2325266  BRM Issues with role import 

1770099  Unable to set old roles in Business Role Management to the new methodology in AC 10 



1711099  Unable to delete or maintain a Mitigating Control in AC 10

1701138  Warnings of not being able to connect to legacy system on submitting an Access Request



1701047  Is it mandatory to use trusted connection in the RFC destination for Firefighter Connector?



1739309  Approver can make changes to Access Request in the Approval Screen in AC 10 

2353882  UAM:- MSMP New version generated even though no changes are done in MSMP configuration.

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