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2290546  Date format validation issue in upload mitigation program 

2319742  Reverted back due to side effect please ignore this note 

2370413  NWBC 750 Compatibility in GRC 

2369101  Rule deletion job is very slow 



2359780  UAM : Risk Analysis results are incorrect for ALL systems in Approval 

2347913  Updated_on value incorrect in GRACREQPROVLOG 

2312093  GRAC_RECONCILE_USER_REP is causing dump 

2369059  Account creation failing with error invalid table name: Could not find table/view GRCACLOG in GRC 10 

2333538  Set Default Report Format for Access Risk Analysis 

2318327  UAM: Incorrect provisioning of parameters for multi user request 

2307935  UAM:- Decimal notation value in user details is not getting populated correctly 

2307314  UAM 10.1: Toolbar buttons not completely visible while adding comments 

2265533  UAM: Request header not passed to BADI_GRAC_REQ_ITEM_VALID 

2370718  Confusing Approval Messages When Roles Are Rejected Within Access Request 

2367925  Simplified Request doesn't pass / removes approvers on roles 

2349371  Standard Company value was not saved in Simplified request when click save draft. 



2331722  Action usage by Profile displays No Result 

2368564  Execution count is incorrect in Action Usage by Profile report 

2333133  Double entries in background result of list permissions report 



2358633  Updated by User name fied on NWBC for Firefighters/FIrefighterIds showing Userids instead of User Name 

2356812  EAM Issue with "Additional Activity" box is truncated by one character 

2266192  Truncation of Firefighter ID Description 



2362803  UAR : Comments entered at line item level are getting updated to all the line items in the UAR request

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