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2370413  AC 10.1 ARA : GRC NWBC 750 and above compatibility issues in FPM 

2297056  Prio2 checkman issues in GRAC_REPOSITORY 

2299562  GRC 10.1 : NWBC 750 component compatibility Issues 

2355346  Risk Terminator Email notification not working GRC 10.X 

1947102  Shortdump while accessing Background Scheduler in GRC 10 

2373035  GRAC_EXPORT_RA Transaction Does not Exist 

2362994  Number of Users with Critical Action is invalid in User Analysis report 

2321887  Error Message in Risk Analysis are not all logged 



2371917  GRC Access Request - Change default Tab and Tab order 

2368500  Unable to add System level default roles at Approver level 

2360878  GRC AC : Access Request is getting approved with unmitigated risks. 

2371264  Role Approval workflow does not finish after approvals 

2329234  GRC UAM - Performance issues during Role Search in Access Request Creation 

2359770  UAM : Enhancement implementation is not called in GRAC_UIBB_ACCESS_REQUEST Web Dynpro component 

1915763  Error Provisioning from GRC 10 to SAP Portal while adding or removing a role in Change Account request type 

2372479  FIORI Access Request Approval App  (Odata) 

2370286  Valid to date of Business Roles changes back to the default validity date in Access Request 



2309273  Not used action flag was not considered in Action Usage by User report 



2350179  AC 10.1 EAM : Session ID field missing in EAM reports 

1947101  How can the Firefighter ID/ Role description be maintained or updated for those FF Objects that do not have a description in GRC 10 

1947051  Deletion of Firefighter IDs throws a '500 SAP Internal Server Error' in GRC 10 



2373617  LINK_APPROVE_REJECT  Variable not correct for process ID SAP_GRAC_USER_ACCESS_REVIEW in GRC 10 


1942308  What is the scenario in which the Return Notification Event in the MSMP Workflow is triggered for GRC 10?

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