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2377213  ARA Error in workflow process Create or Modify Risk

2375878  Incorrect result of Risk Analysis for HANA db

2168571  GRC 10.x - How to use GRC Action Usage Sync Report

2343768  Access Rule Detail report terminated with TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY error

2319742  Reverted back due to side effect please ignore this note


2231030  Provisioning action Retain is not working for Organizational Assignment Request

2377641  FIORI 'Request for Others' App: The role count appears on initial screen is different than the role count appears on click of business process

2376452  Include System in Role Rejection for Fiori Approver app

2372449  Fiori Item level Rejection not considering system

2371937  User change and password reset issues on HANA DB

2252907  UAM: In a Multi-user request , mandatory fiields are not checked at time of request creation and SNC name is not provisioned for all the users except the first user

2229231  UAM: Role Import template not opening correctly and performance issue 



2361293  Action usage by User, Role and Profile report does not list down all Risk Ids

2370005 GRAC_ROLE_MANAGEMENT Checkmen issues 



2373704  GRC EAM  -SPM log getting timed out while trying to approving


2375511  Performance Tuning for Opening Working Inbox

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