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2294120  AC 10.X ARA : Dump in function work item when two users open at the same time

1950980  Unable to enter Mitigating Control Owner 


2238382  Request by Roles and Role Approvers giving wrong results

2377127  User System details not visible for business role in Model User Request

2368523  Set Default Report Format for Access Risk Analysis to Management Summary

2085421  Timezone for Work Inbox POWL

2072086  CUA User Provisioning from GRC to CUA Parent/Child

2062134  Simplified Access Request Link not visible in NWBC

2044123  PSS: Password Reset functionality - what Password types can be reset

2038347  Risk Analysis on Locked Users in Access Request

2026779  Error when trying to complete/forward work item <<<number>>>

1796349  How to configure maximum line items per request.

2378813  Wrong coordinator Id is showing in SOD UI request

2360603  Maintain Rule to Role Mapping

2331729  ARQ: Dump while executing report Requests by Roles and Role Approvers

2380310  GRC HANA Plugin version and Support pack

2342544  Automatically archive action usage data from backend systems

2229231  UAM: Role Import template not opening correctly and performance issue

2214034  Audit Log issue when 'No Provisioning' is set

2153217  EUP Default Field Values do not show correct on Access Request Creation screen

2072149  Concept of Business Roles - Details & Inconsistency Check

2379827  Missing table error in Hana DB

2326949  Access Request - multiple comments appearing in Comments tab


2166527  EAM error "User XXX is not a valid approver"

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