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 The purpose of this page is to describe how to create and use the account groups functionality.


On the Account work set you will be able to:

  • Create account groups that are relevant to your compliance initiatives;
  • Designate account groups as significant for compliance tracking and reporting;
  • Document the reason for designating an account group as significant;
  • Define financial assertions relevant to your account group.

Accounts and assertions are assigned to:

-Subprocess: Representing which accounts/assertions should be covered by the controls.

-Controls: Representing the accounts that are covered by the actual controls.

-Risks: If the company also manages by risk.

1.Enabling Accounts workcenter

To enable the Account for regulation type, follow the procedure as described on KBA 2025172 - Accounts workcenter is not visible:

Go to SPRO → Governance, Risk and Compliance → Process Control → Multiple-Compliance Framework → Configure Compliance Initiatives → Click on Master Data (Left hand side)

Enter the relevant Regulation Type (example-financial for SOX) Make sure for entity ID 'ACC_GROUP' the activate checkbox is on.

If there is no entry, you can add the same and activate it.

  •   Image 1: Assign Account Group entity to Regulation type.


After you have enabled the master data Account Group for one regulation type, the following applies:

  • The Account Group tab is visible in the subprocess screen under the current regulation type.
  • The Account Group tab is visible in the process hierarchy detail panel under the current regulation type.
  • The Account Group tab is visible in the manual test plan under the current regulation type.

2. Creating the Account Groups

To create the Account Groups, navigate to: Master Data → Accounts → Create.

  • Image 2: Account Group general tab

The following tabs are available:


General Informations like name, description and validity fields. Select the Assertions that are relevant to this account group as well, they come as all assigned by default.

-GL Accounts:

Insert the General Ledger account range. This is the record used to store balance sheet related to each organization.


Risks assigned to the accounts. For more information, refer to the Risk catalog WIKI.

DISCLAIMER: Image/data in this WIKI is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

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