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SAP provides content for SAP Fraud Management Release 1.1 SP00 for detecting and investigating potential violations of anti-corruption laws and regulations. This content provides an excellent starting point for ensuring that your organization can demonstrate its compliance with the anti-corruption efforts required by such laws as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) as amended by the International Anti-Bribery Act of 1998, or the United Kingdom Bribery Act 2010. This new content builds on and augments the Internal Audit Content already available with SAP Fraud Management.

The flexible detection technology provided by SAP Fraud Management, together with the speed and power of the SAP HANA database, let you use this content to strengthen the internal controls required by anti-corruption laws and regulations. In real time, you can use SAP Fraud Management with the Anti-Corruption Content to look for the following types of irregularities and warning signs:

  • Address search (PEP list search)
  • High-value keyword search in invoices
  • Vendors or partners located in high-risk countries
  • Irregularities in purchase orders and invoices
  • Irregularities in payments to vendors
  • Frequent changes in the master data of a vendor (bogus business, flip-flop payee)
  • Conflicts of interest in connection with new vendors
  • Potentially suspicious activity with respect to one-time vendors

With Release 1.1 Support Package 00 of SAP Fraud Management, this content is not delivered with the product but is rather downloadable and installable from this page. If you accept the default package name for the SAP HANA objects in this content, then you do not need to make any changes or adjustments to the SAP HANA content or to the standard Customizing. You can use the anti-corruption content for SAP Fraud Management 'right out of the box'.
To download this content, do the following:

  1. Open the Attachments on this page by clicking the Attachments icon (Paperclip).
  2. Download all four attachments.

Though the downloadable content offered on this page has been thoroughly checked and tested, it is not possible to account for all possible constellations at customer sites. SAP therefore advises you to back up your SAP Fraud Management systems, including the NetWeaver AS ABAP server and the SAP HANA Database, before installing any of this content. Content should first be installed on an a development or test system. The content should be transported into production systems from such a system in order to preclude damage to the production system through direct uploads.  

This content is provided at no cost, and SAP does not provide maintenance for this content. The SAP Fraud Management site in the SAP Community Network and SCN in general can be used for exchanging information or requesting assistance with this content.   

The four attachments include the following:

  • The content documentation. Chapter 2 of this documentation provides instructions for fulfilling prerequisites and for installing the anti-corruption content.
  • The text for ABAP program ZFRA_CREATE_SCN_TABLES. You must install and run this program on your SAP Fraud Management systems.
  • The SAP HANA package containing views and procedures for anti-corruption detection with SAP Fraud Management.
  • The BC Set containing standard Customizing for the anti-corruption content.

 To install the anti-corruption content in your SAP Fraud Management systems, do the following.

  1. Ensure that you have upgraded your SAP Fraud Management to Release 1.1 SP 00 or that you have completed the installation of this version of the product. Install the anti-corruption content first in a development system. Then transport the content and your completed Customizing to your production system.
  2. Ensure that you have installed the Internal Audit Content that was provided with Release 1.0 SP02 of SAP Fraud Management. Further, you must ensure that you have updated the Internal Audit content to the level provided with Release 1.1 SP00. See the installation instructions in the content documentation (downloadable from this page) for more information. 
  3. Follow the instructions in the content documentation to install and run ABAP program ZFRA_CREATE_SCN_TABLES.  
  4. Follow the instructions in the content documentation to install the BC Set and the SAP HANA package in your SAP Fraud Management development system.  Perform any Customizing extensions or adjustments that you require, and define the detection methods and detection strategies described in the content documentation. If you are using your SAP ERP system as the source for data for SAP Fraud Management, then add the tables listed in the content documentation to your SLT replication.

Result: You're now ready to use SAP Fraud Management to enhance your program to ensure compliance with anti-corruption statutes and regulations.  

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  1. Hello ,

    My organisation is planning for SAP Fraud management implementation. I am new to this area . i have few query regarding this .

    1] What are the step involve in implementation  ?

    2] Is there any SAP standard documentation for implementation ?

    3]  will i get any learning material ?  i found some video but that are not sufficient to understand.

    4] How much time will take to learn and implement for new person ?

    I will be very much appreciate if you can provide me this information.


    Thanks ,