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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to Assessments Menu.


The Assessments Menu is used to manage all the Plans, Assessments and Tests that require user input and the Surveys related to these assessments and tests.

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Under the GRC Assessments Menu, the following options are available:



Question Library

Here the questions that are used in the surveys are maintained.
Survey LibraryHere the surveys can be created and tied to the questions that are available from the Question Library.
Manual Test PlansHere the Manual Test Plans and it's Test Steps are maintained.
PlannerThis is the tool used to create various workflow plans like Tests, Assessments, Surveys, Policy Distribution and Sign-Off
Planner MonitorMonitoring tool for the plans created on the Planner.
Sign-Off MonitorTool that provides a general overview of the Sign-Off process on all organizational levels and their status.


  • Image 1: Assessments Menu.

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