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The purpose of this page is to describe how to create and configure a Manual Control Performance plan.

  • Feature introduced as part of GRC 10.1 SP11

1. Odata Services

First, we need to activate and maintain the Odata Services under the path:

SPRO->SAP NetWeaver->SAP Gateway->OData Channel->Administration->General Settings->Activate and Maintain Services

Add the service ZGRPC_CTRL_PERF_SRV to the Local Object Package and save


Don’t forget to activate it inside the SICF node.

In addition, make sure that you have activated the SAP Gateway under the path:

IMG->SAP NetWeaver->SAP Gateway->OData Channel->Configuration->Activate or Deactivate SAP Gateway.

2. Creating the Business Event and assign role to entity

Relevant Business Events under path –> SPRO-> General Settings-> Workflow-> Maintain Custom Agent Determination Rules

Business event :                                                   Role :                                                                                                                                   Business event name:

*On my example, I will be using the standard roles defined as SOX and FDA Control Performer but custom roles can also be used under the relevant Business Event*

If you are using custom roles, make sure you have the below required authorization objects assigned to the role:

Authorization objectGRFN_API


02: Change
03: Display

Data Part for GRC Object Types


Authorization Entity




Role assignment

 It's important to mention that role assignments will follow your requirement, if you would like that role assignment work as a cross regulation role, assign your roles to the Entity CONTROL under path SPRO->Governance, Risk and compliance-> General Settings->Authorizations->Maintain Entity Level Role Assignment.

If you would like that they work as regulation specific, assign to entity CONTROL under the path: SPRO->Governance, Risk and compliance->Process Control->Authorizations->Maintain Regulation Role Assignment.


3. Assign user locally

Now, let’s assign our controls at local level. Remembering, this is a test for MANUAL controls, which means that just controls with MANUAL automation will be relevant for testing.

On the Roles tab from my Control, you can see that I am assigned as the FDA Control Performer and SOX Control Performer, which I defined on the previous steps as my relevant roles.

4. Performance Steps

Our next step is to create our Control Performance steps inside our relevant control.

The Control Performance are the steps followed for testing/reviewing the control.

You can define different users to receive and complete each step by enabling step level performer assignment following the SPRO:

SPRO->Governance, Risk and Compliance->Process Control->Evaluation Setup->Manual Control Performance->Enable Performer Assignment on Step Level.

You can also assign more than one performer to each step like my below example:


In case that you have enabled the flag but not defined any performer, you will face the following error message while saving your control: "Saving data failed, enter the required fields". More information refer to KBA 2604119.

Now, we are ready to schedule the control via Planner.

5. Schedule the Control via Planner


If your relevant Control is not appearing under option 4-Select Object(s), make sure that all previous steps are correctly followed.

After activating the object, we are ready to receive it in our user Inbox.

*As this is a UI5 application, currently there is not support for OWP. More information on note 2382840*

6. Perform Manual Control Performance task

To complete this task, we need to open each created step, and we have 3 options on the lower buttons: ‘Save’, ‘Set do Done’, ’Report Issue’.

If an evidence is required, we need to attach the relevant document.

If Comments are required, write down the relevant comments.

7. Review Step

The review step for MCP will only happen in case that the customizing flag for Specify Whether Review is Necessary is active.

To activate the flag, navigate to:

-IMG->Governance, Risk and Compliance->General Settings->Process Control->Evaluation Setup->Specify Whether Review is Necessary

To receive the review task, you need to make sure that you have configured the correct agents as explained on step 2 "Creating the Business Event and assign role to entity".

The business events related to perform and review the manual control performance are respectively: 0PC_PERF_CTRL_PERF and 0PC_VALI_CTRL_PERF.

After submitting the task for review, the relevant agent will receive it on the inbox:

8. Reports

Reports Manual Control Performance Results and Manual Control Performance Details are delivered along with the MCP installation.

They are added to: NWBC→Assessments tab→ Reports column.(You can customize the reports location using LPD_CUST Tcode).

8.1 Manual Control Performance Results

With Manual Control Performance Results, you can see which controls have been performed in the organization structure.

8.2 Manual Control Performance Details

With Manual Control Performance Details, you can see the performance details including performance steps, comments, evidence, due date and step performer.

If you face issues while executing the Manual Control Performance Details report and receiving a "No data found" message, make sure that your report walking strategy is configured according to KBA 2422904.


In both reports you can export the result into a spreadsheet and customize the column configuration.

For issues with the MCP reports not appearing on the UI or some columns missing the names, refer to KBAs 2609969 and 2539733 resoectively.

Related Content

For further information, you can refer to the official MCP guide attached to the note 2232186 - Release Information Note for Manual Control Performance, SAP Process Control 10.1 

Related notes and KBAs:

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