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The purpose of this document is to explain the  various Report Types,Log Collection and Log Retreival in EAM.


The SPM application allows the user to login to a client ERP system as a fire-fighter with some short term special privileges. After the user logs in to the client system as a fire fighter, the user performs certain tasks in form of Transactions that are logged in the STAD files and the change log is also stored in CDHDR and CDPOS tables. The Log data is fetched from the Client system using the Log Collector Job which can be Executed as a foreground or Background Job.

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The reports can be accessed using the NWBC or the Portal and are located under
Reports and Analytics SuperuserManagement Reports

The Following Reports will be covered in the Consolidated Log Report 

  • Transaction Log-Captures transaction execution from transaction STAD
  • Change Log:Captures change log from change document objects (tables CDPOS and CDHDR)
  • System Log:Captures Debug & Replace information from transaction SM21.
  • Security Audit Log:Captures Security Audit Log from transaction SM20
  • OS Command Log:Captures changes to OS commands from transaction SM49.

Invalid Super User Report-This Report gives the details of all the users
(firefighter, controller, owner, firefighter ID) who are either Expired,
Locked or Deleted.In the case of Role Based Firefighter, it gives the
details of whether the role has been generated or not.

*Firefighter Log Summary-*Provides details of the session the firefighter logged
into the remote system using the FFID for the ID based FF Application.

Reason Code and Activity Report: This Report provides the details of information of Reason and Activity used by the firefighter.

Reason Code and Activity Report: This Report provides the details of information of Reason and Activity used by the firefighter

Log Collection

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