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Please note that this content is obsolete and should no longer be used. SAP Fraud Management offers sample business content as part of the solution as of Release 1.1 SP03. Advanced possibilities in address screening are offered in SAP Business Partner Screening, with address screening capabilities also available in SAP Fraud Management itself. Both solutions are contained in SAP Assurance and Compliance Software. 

As of Monday, November 11, 2013, SAP Fraud Management is released to customers in Release 1.1, Support Package 01. SAP Fraud Management, powered by SAP HANA, combines an intelligent and efficient infrastructure for performing fraud detection and supporting investigation with the speed and power of the SAP HANA database. With SAP Fraud Management, you can detect fraud in big data environments with unprecedented speed and responsiveness, and you can bind real-time online checks for fraud by SAP Fraud Management into your purchasing, claims management, and other business processes. 

Release 1.1 SP01 of SAP Fraud Management provides additional content for strengthening your compliance efforts with anti-corruption laws and regulations such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 or the United Kingdom’s Anti-Bribery Act of 2010.  This content is downloadable and installable from this wiki page. See Tools > Attachments.

The anti-corruption content includes the following rules for detecting potential fraud and accompanying customizing and information: 

  • Accounting documents were posted on a non-working day
  • Changes made on a saved purchase order exceed threshold
  • A partner or vendor in a purchase order item comes from a high-risk country (as defined by Transparency International)
  • Purchase invoice receipt greater than goods received receipt
  • Purchase order overpaid
  • Person or organization on a Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) list found in purchase order item
  • Multiple postings made to a one-time account
  • Regular vendor postings made to a one-time account
  • Invoice reference number used more than once for same vendor
  • Invoice without reference to purchase order
  • Split invoices exceed purchasing limit
  • Suspicious keywords found in invoice item texts
  • Divergent vendor and payment countries
  • Turnover of new vendor in first year after initial transaction exceeds limit
  • Turnover of new vendor between first and second years after initial transaction exceeds limit
  • Turnover of new vendor in excess of threshold approved by a single employee
  • Vendor master record without bank account details
  • Flip-flop payee - alternate payee in a vendor master data record changed frequently
  • Flip-flop business - bank data in a vendor master data record changed in excess of threshold.

See the downloadable content documentation attached to this page for more information on the new detection technology for anti-corruption compliance.

The content that is downloadable from this page is provided without cost and without service or warranty. 



  1. "See the downloadable content documentation attached to this page for more information on the new detection technology for anti-corruption compliance.

    The content that is downloadable from this page is provided without cost and without service or warranty."

    Where is the downloadable content? I think you should refer to SMP to download the content.



  2. Never mind, I found the paperclip (smile)

    1. Former Member

      Oh, sorry!  I didn't realize that the paper clip is not visible in the standard display. I'm changing the text.

  3. Hi Stephen, sorry to bother you again but I'm having hard time finding content files for Claims. I found the documentation but not a link to download the content (BC Sets and HANA Information Model). Also, is there a plan to include these files and links to documentation in the Software Download area in SMP? I think it would make sense if everything is one place (smile)



    1. Former Member


      No bother! 

      The claims management content was never released by way of SCN, that's why you couldn't find any content there. It was always integrated into the product itself. There's documentation of the existing claims detection methods in content documentation at the Help Portal - Configuration and Deployment Information > Content Documentation.

      More claims detection methods are being prepared, and most of the existing SCN anti-corruption detection methods have been integrated into the product with SP03 of SAP Fraud Management, which is making its way to release very shortly.

      You're right - it would have made good sense to make all the downloads available from the Help Portal. We'll shortly have everything - BC sets and SAP HANA content and so on - in one place, as part of the product.

      Regards, Stephen



      1. Thank you so much for your kind reply. We've started a new PoC in Mexico and will have the kick-off workshop onsite the week of April 21st. I'm trying to get my hand on as much information as possible around content. Preferably, in a presentable way to show the customer during the workshop what's available so we can chose the right content for them and for the PoC timeline. I guess I have to create this presentable material to summarize the content for them. has very good documentation and it's been very helpful for me.

        Thanks again, Stephen!


  4. Former Member


    Sorry about the lack of clarification about where the attachments are. For anyone still looking, Release 1.1 SP04 has the SP01 content plus many additional pre-defined detection methods as standard. Get SP04 if you can. If you still want the content here, then click the "three bullets" icon at the top right. Then choose Attachments. A page with the attached files for download is then offered. 

    Cheers, Stephen