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SAP has delivered the fields which can be used as filters in the report and can be customized .

But in case user wants to use fileds other than the one provided then can follow the below steps - 

  • Execute the transaction "SM34" and display the cluster "VC_GRFNREPCUST"  


  • Open the report in which filters need to be added.Lets take the example of report 'Control Rating’



  • Press F2 to get the selection screen.



  • On the other window , execute the transaction SE80 and select the WD component ‘GRPC_REPORT_SELECTION’.View ‘SELECTION’ contains the executable filters that can be maintained for the report.


      • In order to implement the new filters
        1)      We need to add the filter in ‘SELECTION’ view of the WD.
      • 2)       Implement the methods ‘SELECTION_INIT,‘ SELECTION_GET, ‘SELECTION_GET_OUT_TYPE’ and ‘SELECTION_GET_VERSION’ of the component controller for the added new filter



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