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Steps on how to create launchpad and associate roles

The steps mentioned in this document relate when you are using GRC 10.0 or 10.1 and want to customize and build a launchpad and associate your own roles to the view of NWBC transaction.

The screen shots or example used is for GRC 10.0, you can adapt your steps with GRC 10.1 accordingly

Open your role SAP_GRAC_NWBC in PFCG (you can also open your Z role which would ideally be a copy of SAP_GRAC_NWBC).

You get to this following screen in PFCG and by adding the roles as Folder and then further - adding webdynpro application. This is an example of default delieverd role in SAP's namespace.

By right clicking on My Home menu item and selecting details show that the application being called is grfn_service_map?WDCONFIGURATIONID=GRAC_FPM_AC_LPD_HOME and the configuration id is GRAC_FPM_AC_LPD_HOME.
Now click the Application Config. Button on the above screen, and this will open the application configuration, as below.


Click display button.

Click, Go to Component Configuration button.


Click "Configure UIBB" button in above screen, to see the following screen.

Select launchpad and you will see that how this UIBB is mapped to the launchpad.

If now you want to create a new launchpad and map it to a new role then following steps

  1. Create a new launchpad with menu items that you want.
  2. Create a new configuration of the application GRFN_SERVICE_MAP or you can copy configuration id GRAC_FPM_AC_LPD_HOME and customize it further.
  3. In the new configuration select the launchpad that you want to associate.
  4. Now create a new role and add webdynpro application GRFN_SERVICE_MAP to it with custom configuration id that you created in step 2.

This is the package and application where you can create a new configuration. You need to open the above package in SE80 and then navigate to the right path "GRFN_SERVICE_MAP" =>Applic. Configurations.

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