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How to define a Landscape


In this document you will find step by step instructions for defining a Landscape for GRC Access Control 10.0.


How to define a Landscape

                  The following document contains information describing different steps to define a Landscape for Multiple Systems.

Note: IF the connectors have been already created then skip steps 1.2 and 1.3 go to 1.4.

 Create Connectors

  • There needs to be a connector for all SAP Systems, as well as non-SAP or Legacy Systems..

For non-SAP or Legacy Systems with no RTA, an empty connector needs to be created in Compliant User Provisioning and Enterprise Role Mgmt.

a)             Select Governance, Risk and Compliance àCommon Component Settings à Integration Framework in IMG Screen

b)            After selecting Integration framework click on green check mark to select Create Connector

c)       After selecting Create Connectors node user will see Configuration of RFC Connections screen showing list of different RFC connections.

d)       Select one of the given  Connections to connect

Maintain Connectors and Connection Types 

a)       Select Governance, Risk and Compliance à Common Component Settings à integration FrameworkàSelect Maintain Connectors and connection Types“Connection type definition” screen will appear.

b)       On “Connection type definition “ screen

c)       Select Define Connectors to select Target Connector from connector window

d)       Select Connection Type from Connection type window

e)       Select  Define Connector Groups à Assign Connectors to Connector Groups



Maintain Connector Setting 

a)       Select Governance, Risk and Compliance -> Access Control ->Maintain Connector Setting.

b)       After Selecting Maintain Connector Setting ->Assign Attributes to connectors

Select different attributes from given drop down lists to assign to connector from the Maintain Connector Setting screen

  • Fields to Select
    • Target Connector
    • Application Type (Appl Type)
    • Active
    • Environment


  • Click on Target Connector field to get Target Connector pop up window
  • Choose Target Connector from pop up window
  • Choose Application type  from Appl Type pop up window
  • Choose type of Environment form drop down List

In Environment Field user have three options to choose from:

  • Production
  • Test
  • Development
  • Save your entry



Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups

            In this activity, you assign the actions to a connector group, and then select the default connector for each action within a group.

  • Select Governance, Risk and Compliance àAccess control àMaintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups
  • After selecting Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups “Maintain Connector Group Status” screen will appear.
  • Select Connector group from Connector Group  window
  • Check the Check box      for the Active Field
  • Select Appl Type from Application Type window
  • Next Click on Assign default connector to connector group node.
  • To maintain connector settings:
    • On the window click on Conn. Group field to select Conn group. You can also select Connector Group from Connector  window
    • . Select an action to assign to the group
      • Go to Action Field
      • Click Action field, Action window will appear.
      • Select Action. For defining landscape you can select from only three given Actions :
        • Role Generation
        • Role Risk Analysis
        • Authorization Maintenance
    • Select the target connector from the target Connector window
    • Select the default target connector by checking the Default check box      
    • Save your entries
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