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This WIKI explains how to adopt a more formalized approach to addressing changes to master data, which helps having beter control over master data and ensure data integrity. 


In this activity, you can configure the settings required to activate the workflow for making master data changes in the Process Control and Risk Management applications. To enforce accountability for the changes, you can trigger approval workflows for the master data objects.

This enforces an approval process before any change is made to the configured objects. You can also decide to turn on notification workflows for selected master data objects, as per your business needs. A notification is then sent to the stakeholders when changes are made to the objects.

Managing Master Data

The process of managing master data changes can be daunting. Having a more formalized approach to addressing changes to master data helps keep control of master data and ensure data integrity.

An example in this lesson highlights a change required to an Organization’s data:

1. The business user requests approval and documents the nature of the change request.

2. The approver reviews the change request and chooses to approve the changes.

3. The business user completes the changes and the approver is notified that the changes have been completed and are ready for review.

After the change is made to a master data entity, the relevant stakeholders are informed of the change. At the same time, a similar notification is also sent to the approver.

The approver can compare the changes made to the master data object, and verify them against the original change request.

Choose Transaction SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Governance, Risk and Compliance → Shared Master Data Settings → Activate Workflow for Master Data Changes

This is where you can select the master data objects for which you want to turn on the master data change request workflow.

Note: You can turn on approvals only, or notifications only, or both approvals and notifications for selected master data objects.

Objects for which you turn on the Approval checkbox will require a change request to be submitted before any change is made. If you turn on the Notify checkbox, then the approver and the (configured) stakeholders will be notified of the change.

For example, in the above example, both approval and notification are turned on for the following master data objects: control objective, local controls, indirect entity level controls and organizations. Changes made to the local process master data object require approval, but based on the configuration above, no notifications are sent after the change is made (because the Notify checkbox is unchecked).

Choose Transaction SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Governance, Risk and Compliance → General Settings → Workflow → Maintain Custom Agent Determination Rules.

This is where you indicate who the approvers for the different master data objects should be, and which stakeholders should be notified of changes.

There are two Business Events that can be configured:

  • Approvers (0FN_MDCHG_APPR)
  • Notifications (0FN_MDCHG_NTFY)

For example, in the above configuration, when the central control (“X” in the “XCONTROL” stands for Central) is changed, the approval workflow (0FN_MDCHG_APPR) should go to the Internal Controls Manager (SAP_GRC_SPC_COR_ICMAN)

The organization is in read-only mode, and the requestor chooses Change Request. The active Change Request button indicates that the master data change request workflow function is turned on for changing the organization master data object.

The requestor enters the details of the change request, and lists the intended changes make if granted approval.

The requestor receives a confirmation message that the change request has been submitted.

In the approver;s Work Inbox, there is a task: “Approve Change Request” awaiting approval. The approver reviews the change request details and decides to approve it. The approver provides a date until which the approval will be valid, which means that the requestor can make changes to the organization until this date. The approver writes a note back to the requestor.


There is a task: “Organization Change Request is Approved” awaiting in the requestor's Work Inbox. The requestor chooses this item to go to the master data object and make the required changes.

Note: The requestor may also navigate to the organization master data object directly (from the organization hierarchy, for example) and make the change,without navigating though the work inbox task.

In this example, the requestor changes the organization's description and marks the organization as a shared service provider.

The requestor then saves the changes made to the organization.

After all the desired changes have been made to the organization, the requestor then chooses Finish.

Note: Choosing Finish just closes the window, and the notifications are sent (if notifications are turned on).

Also note that, until the approval end date (20th April, in this example),the requestor can access the organization as many times as necessary and make any number of changes. Each time the requestor makes a change to the organization and chooses Finish, , notifications are sent.

When the organization owner logs into the work inbox the next time, he should receive a notification of the changes made. There is a task: “Review change log” awaiting him in the Process Control work inbox.

Note: Depending on the configuration, if there are any stakeholders set up,then similar notifications will be sent to the stakeholders also.

All the changes that were made by the requestor are now visible to the approver. The approver reviews the changes made and may even compare them with the original change request that was made (visible on the “Change Request” tab).

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  1. Hi. I'm currently implementing the Master Data approval workflow and I'm finding this guide very useful.

    Now I'm wondering whether you could give us some hints on the config of notifications-roles when updating central objects (e.g. XCONTROL), we're testing it and in our system there more people than expected are notified 



    1. Hi Boni,

      The approver is unable to find the request in his work inbox. The approver is assigned with the role SAP_GRC_SPC_GLOBAL_ORG_ADMIN

      Could you suggest on this



  2. Hi all,

    i did not see the workflow triggered, until Fallback receiver for the user was maintained.

    SPRO->General Settings->Workflow->Maintain Fallback receiver, who will receive and approve the Changes