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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to My Home Menu. 


The "My Home" Work Center is used to aggregate the main functionalities for end users. The main topic in this page is the Work Inbox, where the user can see all the tasks that he/she is assigned to.

My Home Topics:

Under the My Home menu, the following activities can be found:

Work InboxWhere the user receives the tasks that need to be performed.
IssuesAd-hoc issues can be created by any user and this link is used to do it.
My ProcessesHere the user is able to see all the processes, subprocesses and controls that he/she is assigned to.
My iELCsSame as My Processes but for Indirect Entity Level Controls
My PoliciesHere the user sees and manages Policies assigned to him/her.
Open IssuesThis window shows the Issues for which the user is the owner.
Open Remediation PlansSame as open issues but for remediation plans.
Embedded SearchUsed to search documents and objects
My DelegationWhere the user can assign and manage delegations on his/her behalf.



  • Image 1: My Home Work Center.

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