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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to the organizations screen and all its tabs. 


Organizations Hierarchy

Prerequisites to see an organization Structure:

  1. Create top level organization. All other organization hierarchies are sub-hierarchies of the parent organization. Uploads with MDUG do not require this step;
  2. Add sub-hierarchies through the Organizations screen;
  3. Maintain Organization views configuration;


For further information about how to create an maintain organization structure and views, click here.

Organization Tabs

When there is a specific view for Access Control, these are the tabs available:

When there is a specific view for Process Control, these are the tabs available:

When there is a specific view for Risk Management, these are the tabs available:


Information About Each Tab

Tab nameDescription


Tab for general attribute fields in an Organization Unit
Subprocess In this tab, you define the subprocesses that will establish a relationship with the organization unit
Indirect Entity-Level ControlsIn this tab, you will find controls that were defined at management level
RegulationsIn this tab, you assign regulations for your Organization Unit
PoliciesIn this tab you define whether a policy was assigned to the Organization unit. Refer to Policies wiki to understand the Policy Life Cycle
ObjectivesThe objectives define statements of desired results or purposes
Key Risk IndicatorsTo provide the continuous insight into the risks assigned to the Organization.
Units of MeasureAssign conversion factors for different impact categories in monetary terms. Used for the Risk Analysis.
Risk AppetiteDegree of risk-taking this is to be applied when individual risks are entered in the system.
Risk ThresholdsVarious risk thresholds with their impact levels.
Users Access Control users synchronized.
Owners Users assigned as Access Control owners.
AC RolesAccess Control roles synchronized.
AssignmentsOn this tab, you see the organizational views that are assigned to this organization.
RolesAssign users to the organization roles following the ELA concept.
IssuesAd Hoc issues created for the organization.
Attachments and LinksLinks to documents and web sites.


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