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On this WIKI page, we will check the usability of the links Notification History, Notification Template Maintenance and how to use Planner to deliver customized notifications. 

This functionality is released to GRC version 10.1 SP15 or above.


1. Notification Template Maintenance

On this option, we can Create a new notification, Copy and Delete the already existing ones and Export the list on a flat file.

By selecting Create as highlited on the above screen, the following is displayed: 

Rule details tab

On the rule details tab, we can configure the rule with the following parameters:

  • Status: Active or Inactive
  • Trigger: Start date or End date
  • Offset: number of offset date unit. Offset can be positive and negative.
  • Unit: The following can be used: Day, Week or month. 
  • Period: Enter a number of frequency for sending notifications.
  • Unit: Select the unit of frequency
  • Repeat*: Number of repetitions. 

*The options with the red circle are only enabled when the Repeat flag is checked.

Now that we defined our Rule, we can create our message. On the Recipient field, we can filter by user or role. User - means that the Work item owner is notified (the one who has the planner item in his inbox). Role - means that people holding the specific GRC role assigned to the plan object (or object parents) are notified. The business case behind is to notify the managers of the people not responding to the work items.

Language, we can select any language installed in the system. If text in recipient's language is not found (SAP user details), default (English) language is used.

On below screenshot, refer to the text field used to customize the message and the list of variables available on the right side.

Plan Activity tab

On this tab, we can select the list of plans that do exist on Process Control and Risk Management and we can create a notification for them. By checking the Default Usage option, this means that this notification will be automatically selected while scheduling it on Planner.

On my below example, I have selected Manual Control Performance plan(for more information about Manual Control Performance, refer to the WIKI Configuring Manual Control Performance).

Check that via Add button we have the option to schedule it for more than just one plan.

Plan Activity tab

If your Plan Activity tab is not appearing, have the following Snote applied: 2585606 - Configurable Planner Notifications - it is not possible to save notification as template

2. Schedule the notifications using the Planner

A new button on the Planner was introduced named Notification. For plans that status is Completed on the Planner Monitor, the button will not be available.  

By selecting the above option, the below screen is displayed with the following options: Save, Cancel, Deactivate, Save as Template and Copy rule from Template.

If you have checked the Default Usage flag, your notification will be already displayed here for the relevant plan you selected.

If you select the Option to Deactivate the rule, it will not be selected for schedule.

The option Save as Template will save the rule you created on this screen on the Template Maintenance and the option Copy rule from Template will display the list of available rules that are stored on the Template Maintenance for selection.

Sending the notification

Report GRFN_SEND_TASKPLAN_NOTIF is used to send notifications. It supports both foreground and background modes but mostly supposed to be scheduled as daily job, once a day.

Execution log:

With a successful execution, your customized message reaches the user email:

3. Notification History

On the Notification History, we can monitor the scheduled notifications, filter under each plan and check the schedule details once we select it.

4. Configurable notifications template 

New functionality delivered by Snote 2899780 - Enhancement: Configurable Notification Template and available for GRC 12.0.

Now, users will be able to include their own fields(custom as well) into the list of available fields. 

DISCLAIMER: Image/data in this WIKI is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

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For further information and technical gude, refer to note 2317017 - Configurable notifications for GRC planner.

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-2505109 - It is not possible to send notifications from "Planner" for few plans
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